1. How can you trick ghosts to not know who you are?如何不讓鬼知道你是誰?
A. Wear a costume.  B. Eat lots of candy.  C. Go trick-or-treating.  D. Move to a new hourse.

2. What may happen when you look into a fire on Halloween?在萬聖節時,看著火可能會發生什麼事?
A. You will see a ghost.  B. You will see the future.
C. You will get lots of money.  D. You will get healthy.

3. Where will ghosts whisper about your future on Halloween?

A. At school.  B. At home.  C. At a crossroad.  D. On a bridage.

4. How can you see a witch on Halloween?如何在萬聖節看到女巫?
A. Wear a costume and eat candy.  B. Write your name backwards.
C. Break amirror and catch a black cat.  D. Wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards.

5. What does it mean if you see a spider on Halloween?在萬聖節時,看到一隻蜘蛛代表什麼?
A. You will have bad luck.  B. You need to clean your room.  
C. A dead loved one is watching over you.  D. You will get a big surprise.

6. How can you chase away evil ghosts on Halloween?如何在萬聖節趕走惡鬼?
A. Ring bells.  B. Jump on one leg.  C. Say a special poem.  C. Burn some money.

7. What might it mean if a candle flame turns blue?如果燭火變成藍色代表什麼?
A. Someone will die soon.  B. There is a ghost nearby.  
C. A witch is watching you.  D. You will be rich soon.

8. What should you do if you hear a ghost’s footsteps behind you on Halloween?

A. Turn around.  B. Ignore the footsteps.  C. Jump up and down.  D. Walk backwards.

9. What should you do when you go past a cemetery?當你經過墓地時你應該怎麼做?
A. Close your eyes.  B. Open your mouth.  C. Walk backwards.  D. Hold your breath.

10. Which animal can let you know there is a witch nearby?哪種動物能讓你知道附近有女巫?
A. A brown dog.  B. A white rabbit.  C. A yellow snake.  D. A black cat.

💡Keywords 重點單字

👻 superstition 迷信

👻 supernatural 超自然

👻 rational 理性的

👻 whisper 竊竊私語

👻 cemetery 墓地







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